Industry-Specific Engineering Solutions


Our certified professionals are dedicated to staying current with ever-changing regulatory standards to support your municipal projects effectively. With specialized expertise in city and community development, including mixed-use projects, parks, parking structures, and hospitality ventures, we prioritize meeting both community needs and client visions. Drawing from our extensive experience collaborating with housing commissions, redevelopment agencies, neighborhood groups, and municipalities, we possess the insight and understanding crucial for the successful completion of these impactful endeavors.


Leveraging our extensive expertise, our firm provides thorough geotechnical, environmental, and materials testing, along with inspection services meticulously customized for diverse clients spanning K-12, community college, university, and private school environments. The educational sector is witnessing a heightened emphasis on environmental sustainability, evident in the adoption of innovative smart and green building technologies. Our notable projects in this field encompass various institutions such as colleges, universities, K-12 facilities, service academies, stadiums, athletic facilities, research centers, and theaters.


Benefiting from our wealth of experience in residential projects and the years of expertise held by our certified professionals, we stand out in addressing intricate projects. Recognizing the pivotal importance of laying a robust foundation for residential ventures, we provide a diverse array of services customized to different projects, spanning from home expansions to new constructions. By conducting thorough geotechnical and geological assessments, we skillfully mitigate risks and integrate pragmatic solutions into project plans, ensuring safety and effectiveness from the outset.

Commercial / Industrial

At Best Engineering, we understand that the bedrock of every prosperous commercial or industrial venture is its foundation. Whether it's a retail center or a multi-story high-rise, our services are tailored to a broad range of projects. Through thorough geotechnical and geological assessments, we preemptively address risks and incorporate practical solutions into project designs, ensuring success from the outset. Leveraging our established expertise, our firm provides comprehensive geotechnical, environmental, and materials testing, along with inspection services.


Best Engineering offers a wealth of expertise in transportation-focused projects, spanning airports, bridges, highways, roadways, railroads, and light rail transit systems. Drawing from extensive experience in materials design, testing, and evaluation, we enhance the fundamental principles and methodologies crucial to project execution. With a profound understanding of the regulations and standards mandated by local, regional, and state agencies, including the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation District, we ensure compliance and efficiency. Our services encompass comprehensive geotechnical, environmental, and materials testing, along with inspection services tailored for various transportation projects.